The Client’s Edge

Leading Edge Aviation Solutions together with some of the most prestigious firms in our industry – ARGUS  , FlightSafety International, Marsh insurance and MedAire— have collaborated in a benefits program exclusively for Leading Edge clients. See below to learn how discounts or other benefits for certain of their products or services can be available to you.

ARGUS International, a worldwide leader in specialized aviation services, through The Client’s Edge program, is offering a discount to Leading Edge Aviation Solutions clients for various audits, flight department financial benchmark reporting, annual subscription fees for ARMOR SMS software (one-time only) and for the Operational Excellence Program (IS-BAO Stage III flight departments only). ARGUS has made some of its services exclusively offered to Leading Edge Aviation Solutions clients in a deeply discounted and bundled form. Please see the Measure portion of The Edge to learn more about this valuable package offered by ARGUS International.

Industry training leader, FlightSafety International, in collaboration with Leading Edge is offering an executive emergency training course geared for coporate principals and passengers and a general emergency training course meant for corporate crew members that is more comprehensive. Both courses are discounted for Leading Edge client.

Marsh, a global leader in insurance and risk management, has joined in The Client’s Edge program offering a through insurance audit of your aviation policies including a complete report. Marsh can also offer leading edge client access to their Mach Insurance program, a program with added benefits that aggressively competes against large fleet programs.

MedAire, the gold standard company for crew and passenger care, through The Client’s Edge Program is offering preferred pricing on the MedAire Travel Risk Management Program and the Management of In-flight Illness and Injury Training Program. A discount is also available for MedAire Aviation Medical Kits and Equipment.