Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.


If you are unsure about what is right for you, our Feasibility Study is a great first step whether you are already an aircraft owner or not. We can objectively financially model all types of private air transportation from charter, fractional ownership or full ownership to ensure that whatever means you choose, and whichever type of aircraft it may be, you will know you have made the best choice and know what it costs. It is more than just selling or buying aircraft at our firm – it is about what our name implies. The word “Solutions” is the most important part of our name.

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We’re the Fleet Planning experts. This is exactly what its name implies. Changes in mission, budget, crewing, operations or preferences can affect any company’s mix of aviation assets.  Let us help your flight operation by preparing a board level presentation that can financially model multiple choices to solve your most complex fleet mix issues.

Either product, we focus on the analytics, operational cost, and residual value forecasting. You don’t truly know how much a corporate aircraft costs until you have purchased, operated, and sold it.

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