Our Technical Services are a Market Differentiator for Leading Edge

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Whether you are a buyer or seller, Leading Edge Aviation Solutions delivers excellence with its ability to provide a technical consultant to represent you during every step of a pre-purchase inspection. A technical consultant can also be provided for monitoring of a pre-owned refurbishment or new aircraft manufacturing process. This added feature of The Edge differentiates us from most of our competitors and adds to our depth of knowledge regarding corporate aircraft sales

Joseph Esmerado runs our Technical Services Division. Joe has over 50 years of experience as an A&P, project manager and facility manager. He and his team can guide you through an aircraft sale representing your interests on the shop floor, saving you money and time.

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Flight department personnel are experience operators of aircraft; however, in the areas of transactions, aircraft acceptance, interior completions/refurbishment, major modifications, and exterior finishes, our staff technicians and outside consultants are some of the most experienced in the industry. Let our experts manage tasks that an employee may be involved in only once or twice in his or her career. We understand these areas and become a part of your team to deliver the best possible product.

A Leading Edge Aviation Solutions technical engineer can exclusively represent your interests by overseeing and monitoring your next pre-purchase inspection, monitoring the refurbishment of pre-owned aircraft, or standing on the production line of the manufacturers to ensure the highest quality in aircraft manufacture and cabin interior completion.

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