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A corporate jet aircraft is one of the most complex machines on earth.  Many checks and balances are necessary to ensure that it operates safely, reliably, economically, legally and comfortably. Our decades of managing transactions have taught us that no matter how knowledgeable our sales team may become, the added value of a technical services team in your corner with years of experience maintaining these complex machines is paramount.  You can put our technical services team to work for you in several different ways that all will add value, save you time and money, and provide peace of mind.

Flight department personnel are experienced operators of aircraft.  Although we are very experienced with the operation of airplanes, our Technical Services Team only manages the transactional elements of maintenance or large upgrades. This is what they do. Let our technical team work as your representative or in concert with your staff to ensure the best experience possible whether you are buying, selling or upgrading your aircraft..

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Leading Edge has a full time Director of Technical Services, Rick Raymond, who is ready to act as your eyes and ears on the shop floor.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Monitoring – You can retain a member of our technical services to represent your interest on the shop floor during the purchase or sale of an aircraft.  This on site representation at the inspection facility is invaluable whether you are a buyer or a seller of an aircraft. In recent times, the pre-purchase inspection has become a more exhaustive and complicated process that can be very costly to perform, and even more costly if not managed properly.  We can work collaboratively with your aviation manager, chief pilot or director of maintenance when performing this service. Retain us to represent you to buy or sell, AND to represent your interests from a professional technician’s viewpoint, and you have a team that is second to none.

New Aircraft Completion Monitoring –  Leading Edge has monitored the completion of over 150 new corporate aircraft during its existence.  Put this experience to work for you to ensure that a new aircraft is delivered on time, as promised, and with the highest standards of quality possible. If you are already an aircraft owner or operator, our technical team can take the burden of being present at the factory for weeks at a time off of your aviation department. This can keep the operation of your existing aircraft going seamlessly.

Major Refurbishment or Upgrade Monitoring – Our Technical Services Team can protect your interests with on site representation during major inspections, repainting, interior refurbishments, wifi and/or cabin management system installations and avionics upgrades.  The same benefits described above apply.

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