Our Team

One Goal Unites Us All: A Passion For The Success Of Our Clients.

Our clients can count on a remarkable depth of expertise at Leading Edge-professionals whose
careers have touched every aspect of aviation as well as business strategy, finance, and
sales/marketing. But one goal unites us all – a passion for the success of our clients.

Joe Carfagna Jr.

Partner, President & CEO

Joseph L. Carfagna, Sr.

Chairman Emeritus

Frank Janik

Partner & Sr. EVP Aircraft Transactions & Consulting

Kyle Wagman

Director, Aircraft Transactions & Consulting

Arlene Langowski

Executive Assistant

Rick Richardson

Partner & Sr. EVP Aircraft Transactions

Joe Esmerado

VP, Aircraft Technical Services

Craig A. Carfagna

EVP, Transaction Management

Kristina Ricca

Director Of Marketing And Sales Engineering

Greg Wedding

Executive Vice President, Business Development

Glenn Hinderstein

Glenncoe Aviation Group

Natalie Dines

Director of Operations

A Collective History Spanning
Over 50 Years

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