1999 Gulfstream GV s/n 574
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Airworthiness Date:
May 17, 1999

Entry into Service:
February 3, 2000

6,362 Hours
3,755 Landings


Rolls-Royce PLC BR700-710A1-10

On Condition (Task Oriented) & Enrolled on Rolls-Royce CorporateCare

Left   S/N 11249:            6,362 Hours      3,756 Cycles

Right S/N 11250:            6,362 Hours     3,756 Cycles


Honeywell RE220 (GV)  S/N P-190  4,151 Hours

Additional Features, Enhancements & Upgrades:

  • CB-228 Horizontal Stabilizer Inspection c/w April 2019
  • Honeywell PlaneDeck DU‐885 (LCD Screen Upgrade) w/ 6 LCD Display Units (ASC 183B Part 1) w/ Synthetic Vision Upgrade
  • Enrolled on Rolls-Royce CorporateCare
  • Aircell ATG-4000 Gogo Biz® Hi-Speed Internet Service w/ Talk & Text with UCS-5000
  • Honeywell MCS-7000+ SATCOM w/ HD-710 Swift Broadband High Speed Data System (Inmarsat)
  • New Collins Venue HD Cabin Management System with AMT-700 ANT.


  • Honeywell PlaneDeck DU-885 (LCD Screen Upgrade) w/ 6 LCD Display Units (ASC 183B Part 1) w/ Synthetic Vision Upgrade with XM Weather
  • Honeywell / GEC Marconi Heads-Up Display (HUD)
  • Triple Collins VHF-422C VHF Comm Transceivers w/ 8.33 spacing
  • Triple Honeywell AV-850 Digital Audio Panels
  • Triple Honeywell (2) NZ-2000/(1) 2010 FMS (IAC) w/ 6.1 Software
  • Triple Honeywell LaserRef IV IRU
  • Triple Honeywell CD-820 CDU’s
  • Triple Honeywell AZ-840 Micro Air Data Computers
  • Dual Collins VIR-432 VHF NAV Receivers w/ FM Immunity
  • Dual Collins ADF-462 ADF’s
  • Dual Collins DME-442 DME’s
  • Dual Collins TDR-94D Mode S Transponders w/ ADS-B Out v2 (DO-260B)
  • Dual Honeywell HG2021KB02 GPS Sensors (SBAS / WAAS Certified)
  • Dual Collins RTU-4280 Radio Management Units w/ Color CDU’s
  • Dual Collins HF-9034A HF Communication w/ SELCAL
  • Dual Honeywell RT-300 Radio Altimeters
  • Single Honeywell Mark V EGPWS w/ Windshear Warning System
  • Single Honeywell Primus 880 Weather Radar
  • Single Honeywell DL-1000 Data Loader
  • Single Artex 406 MHz ELT
  • Single SELCAL Decoder
  • Single Cockpit Printer
  • Single Honeywell AFIS/SAT AFIS
  • Single Honeywell MCS7000 SATCOM
  • Single Honeywell TCAS II w/ Change 7.1
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)
  • Flight Data Recorder (FDR)
  • Micro Quick Access Recorder (QAR)
  • Aircell Iridium Satcom (Access II) Cockpit/Galley Handsets
  • Aircell GOGO UCS-5000

Major Aircraft Service Changes and Modifications Incorporate

  • ASC 064C Maximum Ramp, Takeoff & Landing Gross Weight (75,000 Lbs.)
  • ASC 162A Navigation Position Lights – LED Navigation Light Installation
  • ASC 179A Micro Quick Access Recorder (QAR) Installation
  • ASC 182A LED Tail Position Light Installation
  • ASC 183B Electronic Display System (DU-885) Installation (PlaneDeck) Part 1 with XM Weather
  • ASC 187 DL-1000 Data Loader Installation
  • ASC 188B TCAS 7.1 Installation (Part 2)
  • ASC 189AM2 Modification – Wing Rear Beam Flight Spoiler Actuator Attachment
  • ASC 198A APU Enclosure – Thermal Barrier Installation
  • ASC 199A Aileron Cable Fairleads at Sponson Rib – Installation
  • ASC 200B Landing Gear Door Close – Restrictor
  • ASC 204 Aileron Cable Penetrations at FS 576.5 Floor Beam – Rework
  • ASC 205 Fuel Quantity Signal Conditioner – Revision G Software
  • ASC 206 Elevator Hardover Prevention System (HOPS) – Improvement
  • ASC 209A FMS 6.1 Software w/ SBAS/LPV GPS Install for Dual IAC/3rd Position NZ Config.
  • ASC 210C Nose Landing Gear (NLG) Harness – Installation
  • ASC 214A Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B Out v2) (DO-260B)
  • CB 228A Stab. Lower Skin Inspection – Part II (Fokker SB RP DGUP 18-08.1658)
  • CB 230 DU-885 Software Update V1.10.01 / V2.00.02 / V2.0.3
  • CB 232 Flight Controls (ATA 27) Aileron Force Link Wiring Harness Installation


  • Engines enrolled on Rolls-Royce CorporateCare
  • Enrolled on MSG-3 Program and Gulfstream CMP Maintenance Tracking Program
  • Majority of CMP Codes Due:

INSPECTION                LAST COMPLETED                  NEXT DUE

12 mo                           8/2020@ 6347                           8/2021

24 mo                           8/2019 @ 6240                          8/2021

36 mo                           3/2018 @ 5925                          3/2021

48 mo                           12/2019 @ 6296                        12/2023

60 mo                           12/2018 @ 6094                        12/2023

72 mo                           4/2016 @ 5469                          12/2021

96 mo                           4/2016 @ 5469                          12/2023

144 mo                         4/2016 @ 5469                          4/2028

192 mo                         4/2016 @ 5469                          4/2032

Weight & Balance

Basic Empty Weight:              47,174 Lbs.

Basic Operating Weight:         48,580 Lbs.

Max Ramp Weight:                 90,900 Lbs.

Max Takeoff Weight:              90,500 Lbs.


Interior Refurbished April 2016 @ Gulfstream – Long Beach

Thirteen (13) passenger Aft Galley fire-blocked interior featuring a crew jump seat, right-side forward crew rest area, left-side forward crew lavatory with stowable sink assembly, forward crew refreshment center, aft main galley and galley annex, aft main lavatory, aft baggage compartment, and manual window shades.  The main cabin, separated from the forward entry area by a hinged door, features a forward-cabin left-side 4-place divan opposite a single club chair with desk, a mid-cabin left-side 4-place conference group with Hi-Lo Table opposite a wood credenza, and an aft-cabin 4-place club.  The aft-cabin 4-place club includes stowable executive writing and dining tables between the opposing club chairs.  The club and conference group chairs are upholstered in a light cream leather and divan in a coordinating fabric.  The wood/cabinetry is a light wood veneer with brushed nickel inlay complemented by brushed nickel plating on all hardware.

The full-service Aft Galley is equipped to provide full meal and beverage service to passengers.  The Aft Galley and Galley Annex feature a Braun coffee maker, convection oven, microwave oven, tray chiller, hot cup, cutlery storage, sink with faucet assembly, crystal storage, ice compartment, waste container, and miscellaneous storage.  The private aft lavatory and dressing area features a mirrored, lighted vanity, sink, externally serviceable flushing toilet, ample closet and storage areas, and in-flight accessibility to the spacious walk-in aft baggage compartment.

The cabin entertainment system includes a New Collins Venue HD Cabin Management System with Rockwell Collins CD/Blu-ray Disc Player and Airshow 4000 which can be viewed on One (1) 22” HD LCD Monitor in the Right-Hand Forward Cabin Bulkhead, One (1) 19″ HD LCD Monitor Mounted Above the Credenza, and Two (2) Smart HD LCD Swivel Plug-In Monitors. The aircraft is equipped with Aircell ATG-4000 Gogo Biz® Hi-Speed Internet Service w/ Talk & Text and with Swift Broadband High Speed Internet connected via a UCS5000 Wi-Fi System. USB power ports and 115V/60 Hz outlets installed throughout.


Fresh Strip & Paint April 2016 @ Gulfstream – Long Beach

Snow White Upper Fuselage with Black Lower Fuselage with Yellow and Gray striping.


Aircraft is Hangared at Hillsboro Airport (HIO), in Hillsboro, OR, USA.