2008 Gulfstream G450 s/n 4098
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3,702 Hours
1,465 Landings

Date of Manufacture (CofA): September 20, 2007

Entry into Service:                 January 11, 2008


Rolls-Royce TAY 611-8C

Left (#1):     S/N: 85201   3,702 Hours      1,465 Cycles
10 Year Calendar Life c/w 02/23/18

Right (#2):   S/N: 85200   3,702 Hours      1,465 Cycles
10 Year Calendar Life c/w 02/23/18


Honeywell GTCP36-150
2,637 Hours

Major Aircraft Service Changes, Enhancements, & Upgrades

  • ASC 007A/C Maximum Landing Gross Weight – 58,500 Pounds Placard Installation
  • ASC 016A Maximum Takeoff Gross Weight (MTOGW) Increase (74,600 lbs.)
  • ASC 021 Lightning Sensor System Installation
  • ASC 037A/Am1 Synthetic Vision – Primary Flight Display (SVPFD) Installation
  • ASC 040A Runway Awareness Advisory-Install (RAAS)
  • ASC 044 Nose Gear Door Actuator-Mod
  • ASC 045                Engine Electronic Controller – T5.1 Software
  • ASC 046 Micro Quick Access Recorder (QAR) Installation
  • ASC 051                LED Tail Position Light Installation (Production Installed)
  • ASC 058C PlaneView Avionics Enhancement (Cert Fox)
  • ASC 059A/B Enhanced Navigation
    • Future Air Navigation System (FANS 1/A+) CPDLC
    • Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) w/ LPV Approaches
    • Circling Approaches
    • Temperature Compensated VNAV
    • Peaks Display
    • Electronic Terminal Charts (Certified Paperless Flight Deck)
    • Short-Range/Long-Range Navigation (SRN-LRN) Automatic Preview & Transition
    • Honeywell Inertial GPS Hybrid (HIGH) Step 1 IRU Upgrade
    • Enhanced Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • ASC 064 Stage 4 Noise Standards – Certification
  • ASC 071 CPDLC – FANS 1/A
  • ASC-076 Engine Electronic Controller – T5.2 Software Upgrade
  • ASC 077 TCAS 7.1 Installation
  • ASC 079B Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) Out Install
  • ASC 085 Nacelles and Pylons (ATA 54) Aft Pylon Rib Assembly – Drainage Rework
  • ASC 086 Flap and Stabilizer Electronic Control Unit (FSECU) – Software Upgrade
  • ASC 099 PlaneView Avionics Enhancement
  • ASC 106 8 kHz Underwater Acoustic Beacon (UAB) Install
  • ASC 911A/912 PlaneView Master Operating System Software Update


Honeywell PlaneView™ Primus Epic Avionics Suite

EFIS:                            Four (4) 13”x10” Honeywell DU-1310 Display Units w/ Synthetic

Vision Primary Flight Displays (SF-PFD’s)

FMS:                            Triple Honeywell Primus Epic System with TOLD (NZ7.1 Software)

CDU:                            Triple Honeywell MC-850 Multifunction Control Display Units

ADC:                            Triple Honeywell AZ-200 Air Data Modules

VGS / HUD:                  Honeywell Integrated Visual Guidance System™ (Honeywell HUD 2020

Head-Up Display System with Gulfstream Enhanced Vision System™)

IRS / LRNAV:                Triple Honeywell IR-500 LASEREF® V Micro IRS

COM RADIOS:              Dual Honeywell TR-866B Transceivers

NAV RADIOS:               Dual Honeywell NV-875A Navigation Modules & Single Honeywell

NC-860A NAV/COM Module

AFCS:                          Honeywell Primus Epic Dual Flight Guidance Computers with VNAV

Capability & Integrated Autothrottle

Autopilot:                      Honeywell Primus Epic Integrated Autopilot System

RMU:                            Honeywell Primus Epic Integrated Radio Management

DME:                            Dual Honeywell DM-855

ADF:                           Dual Honeywell DF-855

ELT:                             Artex C406-N (406 MHz)

CVR:                            Honeywell AR Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)

FDR:                            Honeywell AR256 Solid State Flight Data Recorder (SSFDR)

Flight Phone:                 Two Independent Systems:

1) Magnastar® C-2000 with Five (5) Handsets &

2) Gulfstream BBML with VoIP and Two Wireless VoIP Handsets

GPS:                            Dual CMC CMA-4024-1 24-Channel GPS

Hi Frequency:                Dual Collins HF-9000 (HF-9034A R/T’s)

Radar Altimeter:            Dual Honeywell RT-300

SATCOM:                     Honeywell MCS-7000 7-Channel

TAWS:                          Dual Honeywell Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Modules (EGPWS)

TCAS:                           Honeywell RT-951 TCAS-II w/ Change 7.1

Transponder:                 Dual Honeywell XS-857A Mode S w/ Enhanced Surveillance &

ADS-B Out v2 (DO-260B)

Weather Radar:             Honeywell Primus® 880 Turbulence Weather Radar System w/ Honeywell

LSZ-860 Lightning Sensor System

Standby:                       L-3 GH-3100 Electronic Standby Instrument System

AUDIO:                         Triple Honeywell AV-900 Audio Control Panels

DATALINK:                   Honeywell Communication Management Function (CMF)


Additional Features and Modifications

RNP-1, RNP-10, RNP-2, RNP-4, RNP-5, RVSM Certified

Securaplane Color Camera System w/ 3 External Cameras

Jeppesen Chart & Manual Storage

Dual Davtron M850A Digital Clocks

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Capability w/ 2 VoIP Handsets

Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)

SKYLink Antenna (Ku-Band)

Therapeutic Oxygen System

Honeywell Runway Awareness Advisory System (RAAS)

Rosen Cockpit Sunvisor System

Miltope Cockpit Printer

Cockpit Jump seat

STG Electric Cabin Window Shades


Gulfstream’s Broad Band Multi-Link (BBML) High Speed Data & Wi-Fi System

HD-710 CNX 200 Router

One (1) 20″ Monitor in Left-Hand Forward Bulkhead

One (1) 17″ Monitor Mounted Above Credenza

Six (6)  7” Plug in Swiveling Monitors for each Club Chair

Two (2) DVD Players

Airshow 4000 Passenger In-Flight Information System


Maintained on the Gulfstream MSG-3 Program.

Maintenance Records Tracked on Gulfstream CMP.


Majority of CMP Codes Completed and Next Due as follows:


INSPECTION                                        LAST COMPLETED                  NEXT DUE

500 Hrs.                                                01/22 @ 3,600 Hrs.                   4,100 Hrs.

1000 Hrs.                                              01/19 @ 3,202 Hrs.                   4,202 Hrs.

12 Mos.                                                01/22 @ 3,600 Hrs.                   01/23

24 Mos.                                                01/22 @ 3,600 Hrs.                   01/23

36 Mos.                                                01/20 @ 3,377 Hrs.                   01/23

48 Mos.                                                01/20 @ 3,377 Hrs.                   01/24

60 Mos.                                                01/19 @ 3,202 Hrs.                   01/24

72 Mos.                                                01/20 @ 3,377 Hrs.                   01/26

96 Mos.                                                01/16 @ 2,408 Hrs.                   01/24

144 Mos.                                              01/20 @ 3,377 Hrs.                   01/32

192 Mos.                                              N/A                                          01/24

Weight & Balance

Empty Weight:                                    42,162 Lbs.

Basic Operating Weight:                     43,639 Lbs.

Maximum Takeoff Gross Weight:         74,600 Lbs.

Maximum Landing Gross Weight:        66,000 Lbs.

Maximum Ramp Gross Weight            75,000 Lbs.


Fourteen (14) passenger fireblocked executive interior featuring a crew jump seat, crew storage and forward lavatory.  The forward cabin features four single seats in a club configuration.  The mid cabin consists of a 4-place berthable divan opposite 2 single seats.  There is a left-hand conference group opposite a credenza in the aft cabin.  All single seats are tracking, swivel and recline capable along with electric lumbar and manual pull-out footrests. The club and conference group chairs are upholstered in a light tan leather, the divan in a textured coordinated light tan and brown fabric, complemented by a light tan textured carpet.  The wood/cabinetry is a high gloss cherry veneer accented with black pearl satin plated hardware.

The full-service Aft Galley and Galley Annex is equipped to provide full meal and beverage service to passengers.  The galley features two (2) TIA coffee makers, BE Aerospace high-temperature oven, microwave oven, stainless steel sink with hot and cold faucet assembly, telephone handset, touch-screen monitor, crystal and cutlery storage, waste container, dirty dish drawer, three (3) 115V/60Hz universal outlets, a pull-out countertop extension, two ice compartments, gasper-cooled wine and beverage storage, food storage compartment with adjustable shelves (gasper cooled), and miscellaneous storage.  The private aft lavatory and dressing area features a mirrored, lighted vanity, sink, central vacuum style flushing toilet, ample closet and storage areas, and in-flight accessibility to the spacious 169 cubic feet walk-in aft baggage compartment.  Two (2) Winslow 14-man life rafts with triple-frequency ELT (beneath divan).

Cabin entertainment includes Airshow 4000, a CD player, two dual-disc DVD players and stereo audio system. A 20-inch monitor in the fwd left-hand bulkhead, 17-inch monitor at the credenza, and six (6) 7-inch plug-in swiveling monitors that stow flush in the window panel between each two seat club arrangement.


Overall Matterhorn White with Kingston Gray and Gloss Blue stripes.


Aircraft is Located at Westchester County Airport (HPN), White Plains, NY, USA.