2012 Gulfstream G450 s/n 4253
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2,530.4 Hours
1,197 Landings

Date of Manufacture (CofA):
April 18, 2012

Entry into Service:
September 17, 2012


Rolls-Royce TAY 611-8C

Hard Time & Enrolled on Rolls-Royce CorporateCare Enhanced

Left (#1):     S/N: 85495              2,530.4 Hours               1,197 Cycles

Right (#2):   S/N: 85496              2,530.4 Hours               1,197 Cycles


Honeywell GTCP36-150   S/N: P-365   2,623 Hours    2,508 Cycles

Enrolled on Honeywell MSP

Major Aircraft Service Changes, Enhancements, & Upgrades

  • ASC 001D Digital Flight Data Recorder System Upgrade (88 Parameters)
  • ASC 025A PlaneView CMF – ARINC Direct – Datalink Service Provider
  • ASC 037B             Synthetic Vision – Primary Flight Display (SVPFD) Installation
  • ASC 040A Runway Awareness Advisory – Install
  • ASC 046A Micro Quick Access Recorder (QAR) Installation
  • ASC 059D             Enhanced Navigation 
    • Future Air Navigation System (FANS 1/A+) CPDLC
    • Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) w/ LPV Approaches
    • Circling Approaches
    • Temperature Compensated VNAV
    • Peaks Display
    • Electronic Terminal Charts (Certified Paperless Flight Deck)
    • Short-Range/Long-Range Navigation (SRN-LRN) Automatic Preview & Transition
    • Honeywell Inertial GPS Hybrid (HIGH) Step 1 IRU Upgrade
    • Enhanced Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • ASC 060A XM Weather Installation
  • ASC-072 Data Link Recording
  • ASC-076 Engine Electronic Controller – T5.2 Software Upgrade
  • ASC 077 TCAS 7.1 Installation
  • ASC 079B Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) Out Install v2 (DO-260B)
  • ASC 080 Low Pressure Cooling AIR Outlet (Lpcao) – Seal Replacement
  • ASC-085 Aft Pylon Rib Assembly – Drainage Rework
  • ASC 086 Flap & Stabilizer Electronic Control Unit – Software Upgrade
  • ASC 089 Elevator Hardover Prevention System (HOPS) – Improvement
  • ASC 094C Nose Landing Gear (NLG) Harness – Installation
  • ASC 095 Baggage Door Striker Plates – Replacement
  • ASC 097 Integrated Drive Generator (IDG) Feeder Cable Clamp
  • ASC 099B PlaneView Avionics Enhancement
  • ASC 100 Nose Landing Gear Electrical Harness & Hydraulic Brake Line Chafing – Mod.
  • ASC 106 8 KHZ Underwater Acoustic Beacon  – Installation
  • ASC 107 Auxiliary Hydraulic Pump – Grounding Installation
  • ASC 909B PlaneView Master Operating System Software Update
  • ASC 912B PlaneView Master Operating System Software Update


Honeywell PlaneView™ Primus Epic Avionics Suite

Honeywell PlainView™ Flight Director

Four Honeywell 14” Flat Panel LCD MFS Multi-Function Displays

Triple NZ-2000 FMS Flight Management Systems

Triple Honeywell MAU-913  Modular Avionics Units

Triple VHF Navigation Systems

Triple VHF Communication Systems

Single Honeywell GP-500 Flight Guidance Panel

Triple Honeywell AZ-200 Air Data Modulars

Dual Honeywell MRC-855A Modular Radio Cabinets

Triple Honeywell AV-900 Audio Panels

Single Honeywell MT-860 NAV/COMM Cabinet

Dual Honeywell RT-300  Radio Altimeters

Triple Honeywell LASEREF V Inertial Reference Systems (IRS)

L3  FDR  Flight Data Recorder

L3  CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder

L3 Quick Access Recorder (QAR)

Single Honeywell TCAS-2000 (7.1) Traffic Collision Avoidance System

Dual Mason CCD Cursor Control Devices

Honeywell / Kollsman VGS  Visual Guidance System  (HUD / EVS)

Dual HF High Frequency Transceivers

Dual Mode S ATC Transponder w/ Enhanced Flight ID & ADS-B Out v2 (DO-260B)

Dual EGPWS Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System w/ Wind Shear & Terrain Avoidance

Dual 24-Channel GPS Global Positioning Systems

Artex 406 MHz ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter

Dual ADF Automatic Direction Finders

Dual DME Distance Measuring Equipment

Additional Features and Modifications

Honeywell MCS-7000+ SATCOM

Synthetic Vision

Enhanced Navigation

ADS-B Out v2 (DO-260B)

Gulfstream High Definition (HD) Audio Visual Distribution System (AVDS) Upgrade

SecuraPlane w/ Three (3) External Cameras

XM Weather

Pull-Out Side Window Shades

Jeppesen Chart & Manual Storage

Welker Young Tow Bar Assembly

30 Gallon Pressurized Water System


RVSM Certified


Gogo Biz® AVANCE L5 Hi-Speed Internet Service & Wi-Fi System

One (1) Dual Blu-Ray DVD Player

Satellite TV

Four (4) 24” HD LCD Monitors:

One (1) in the Left-Hand Forward Cabin Bulkhead

One (1) in the Right-Hand Forward Cabin Bulkhead

One (1) in the Left-Hand Aft Cabin Bulkhead

One (1) in the Right-Hand Aft Cabin Bulkhead

Eight (8) 9” HD LCD Personal Swivel Monitors in Each of the Eight (8) Single Seat Inboard Armrests

AirCell Axxess II Iridium Satellite Communications System 2-Channel Digital Phone

Airshow 4000 v2 Passenger In-Flight Information System

Wireless Local Area Network (LAN)


Engines Hard Time & Enrolled on Rolls-Royce CorporateCare Enhanced

APU Enrolled on Honeywell MSP

Avionics Enrolled on Honeywell MSP Avionics w/ Extended DU-1310 Coverage

Maintenance Records Tracked on Gulfstream CMP

On MSG-3 Maintenance Program


Majority of CMP Codes Completed and Next Due as follows:

INSPECTION                                        LAST COMPLETED                  NEXT DUE

500 Hrs.                                                05/21 @ 2,530 Hrs.                   3,030 Hrs.

1000 Hrs.                                              08/19 @ 2,292 Hrs.                   3,292 Hrs.

12 Mos.                                                05/21 @ 2,530 Hrs.                   06/22

24 Mos.                                                05/21 @ 2,530 Hrs.                   06/23

36 Mos.                                                08/18 @ 1,958 Hrs.                   09/21

48 Mos.                                                06/20 @ 2,411 Hrs.                   06/24

60 Mos.                                                09/19 @ 2,292 Hrs.                   09/24

72 Mos.                                                08/18 @ 1,958 Hrs.                   09/24

96 Mos.                                                06/20 @ 2,411 Hrs.                   06/28

144 Mos.                                              N/A                                           09/24

192 Mos.                                              N/A                                          09/28

Weight & Balance

Empty Weight:                                    42,341 Lbs.

Basic Operating Weight:                     43,909 Lbs.

Maximum Zero Fuel Weight:               49,000 Lbs.

Maximum Fuel:                                  29,500 Lbs.

Maximum Takeoff Gross Weight:         74,600 Lbs.

Maximum Landing Gross Weight:        66,000 Lbs.

Maximum Ramp Gross Weight            75,000 Lbs.


New August 2012 @ Gulfstream, Savannah, GA

Sixteen (16) passenger Forward Galley Executive Floorplan fire-blocked interior featuring a crew jump seat, right-side forward crew vacuum lavatory with stowable sink assembly opposite a left-side forward crew closet, forward main galley and galley annex, aft main vacuum lavatory, aft baggage compartment, and electric window shades.

The main cabin, separated from the vestibule/entry area by an electric pocket door, features a forward-cabin 4-place club, a mid-cabin 4-place club, and aft-cabin dual 4-place berthable divans.  The forward-cabin and mid-cabin 4-place clubs include stowable executive writing and dining tables between the opposing club chairs.  The club chairs are upholstered in an Aeristo, Aerolino off-white leather, the divan in a textured coordinated Royal Silk, Mohair Velvet, Grey Flannel fabric, complemented by a gray carpet.  The wood/cabinetry is a marbled walnut veneer complemented by satin smoked nickel plating on all hardware.

The full service Forward Galley is equipped to provide full meal and beverage service to passengers.  The right-hand side Galley features polished stainless steel sink with faucet assembly, sink cover/cutting board, in-line water heater, ice compartment, canned drink storage, food storage compartment, crystal storage and waste container, and 115V/60Hz universal outlet.  The left-hand side Galley Annex is equipped with an Aerolux Nespresso machine, touch-screen monitor, Sharp microwave oven, Enflite high-temperature oven, miscellaneous storage, cutlery storage, china storage, and dirty dish drawer.  The private aft lavatory and dressing area features a mirrored, lighted vanity, sink, central vacuum style flushing toilet, ample closet and storage areas, and in-flight accessibility to the spacious walk-in aft baggage compartment.  Two (2) Winslow 14-man life rafts with triple-frequency ELT (beneath divan).

Cabin entertainment includes Gogo Biz® AVANCE L5 via a wireless LAN, a dual Blu-ray DVD Disc player, Satellite TV, and Airshow 4000 v2 which can be viewed on Four (4) 24” HD LCD Monitors – One (1) in the Left-Hand Forward Cabin Bulkhead, One (1) in the Right-Hand Forward Cabin Bulkhead, One (1) in the Left-Hand Aft Cabin Bulkhead, One (1) in the Right-Hand Aft Cabin Bulkhead – and on Eight (8) 9” HD LCD Personal Monitors in Each of the Eight (8) Single Seat Inboard Armrests.  The AirCell Axxess II Iridium satellite communications system 2-channel digital phone provides direct dial (voice and data), air-to-ground, and ground-to-air call features.


New August 2012 @ Gulfstream, Savannah, GA

Snow White Fuselage with Jet Black Pearl and Taxco Silver Pearl Stripes.


Aircraft is Hangared at Van Nuys Airport (VNY), in Los Angeles, CA, USA.