2011 Gulfstream G550 s/n 5316
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5,557 Hours
2,244 Landings

Date of Manufacture (CofA): February 2, 2011

Entry into Service:                 June 25, 2011


Rolls-Royce Derby PLC BR700-710C4-11

On Condition (Task Oriented) & Enrolled on Rolls-Royce CorporateCare

Left (#1):     S/N: 15713   5,557 Hours      2,244 Cycles                                             Right (#2):         S/N: 15712        5,557 Hours      2,244 Cycles


Honeywell RE220 (G550)   S/N: P-646   3,460 Hours

Enrolled on MSP Gold


Gulfstream PlaneView ™ (Honeywell Primus Epic®)

AFCS:              3‐Axis Automatic Flight Control System with Autothrottle and Dual Cursor Control Devices

EFIS:                Four (4) Honeywell DU‐1310 14.1” AMLCD Units with INAV®

STDBY:            EBDI and L3/Goodrich GH‐3100 EHSI

VGS:                Gulfstream Enhanced Vision System (Head‐Up Display + Infrared Camera and Kollsman EVS Processor)

FMS:                Triple Honeywell Primus Epic Flight Management System with Software Version NZ7.1.2 and WAAS‐LPV (Enhanced Navigation)

CDU:                Triple Honeywell MC‐850 Multifunction Control Display Units

DATALINK:       Honeywell Communications Management Function with SAT Link

ADS:                Triple Honeywell AZ‐200 Air Data Modules

VHF COM:        Triple Honeywell VHF Modules with 8.33 kHz Spacing (Dual TR‐866B’s and Single


HF COM:          Dual Rockwell Collins HF‐9000 HF COMM System with SELCAL

AUDIO:             Triple Honeywell AV‐900 Audio Control Panels

SATCOM 1:      Honeywell MCS‐7000 Inmarsat Satellite Communications System

SATCOM 2:      Aircell Axxess II Iridium Satellite Telephone System

DATA:              Satcom Direct Plane Simple Ku-Band High Speed Internet with Saint-Gobain Ku Radome, Satcom Direct Wi-Fi Hub, and Satcom Direct Router

PHONE:           Aircell Axxess II Telecommunications System with One (1) Corded Cockpit Handset and Four (4) Wireless Cabin Handsets*

GPS:                Dual Honeywell GPS Sensors

LRNAV:            Triple Honeywell LASEREF® V Micro Inertial Reference System

NAV:                Triple Honeywell NAV Modules (Dual NV‐875A’s & Single NC‐860A)

DME:                Dual Honeywell DM‐855 DME Modules

ADF:                 Dual Honeywell DF‐855 ADF Modules

RADAR:            Honeywell Primus® 880 Weather Radar System with Turbulence Detection and Honeywell LSZ‐860 Lightning Sensor System

RADALT:          Dual Honeywell Radio Altimeters

TAWS:              Dual Honeywell EGPWM Modules (Class A TAWS) and Honeywell Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS)

ACAS:              ACSS 3500SP TCAS II with Change 7.1

XPNDR:            Dual Honeywell XS‐858B Mode S Diversity ADS‐B Out (DO‐260B Compliant) Transponder Modules

FDR:                Universal Solid State 25‐Hour Flight Data Recorder

CVR:                Universal CVR‐120R Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorder

ELT:                 Artex C406‐N 406 MHz ELT with Navigation Interface


Major Aircraft Service Changes, Enhancements, & Upgrades

ASC 002C         Digital Flight Data Recorder System Upgrade (88 Parameters)

ASC 011           G550 Data Plate Installation

ASC 049           Lightning Sensor System Installation

ASC 053A         Communications Management Function (CMF) – ARINC Direct – Datalink Service Provider

ASC 061B         Indicating / Recording (ATA 31) – Synthetic Vision – Primary Flight Display (SV-PFD)

ASC 065A         Runway Awareness Advisory System Installation

ASC 071A         Indicating / Recording (ATA 31) – Micro Quick Access Recorder ( QAR) Installation

ASC 084A/B      Enhanced Navigation

  • Future Air Navigation System (FANS 1/A+) CPDLC
  • Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) w/ LPV Approaches
  • Circling Approaches
  • Temperature Compensated VNAV
  • Peaks Display
  • Electronic Terminal Charts (Certified Paperless Flight Deck)
  • New/Upgraded – 2 GPS Antennas, 2 GPS Modules, 1 CMC Module, & 3 IRUs
  • Short-Range/Long-Range Navigation (SRN-LRN) Automatic Preview & Transition

ASC 097A         Data Link Recording

ASC 103           TCAS 7.1 Installation

ASC 105           ADS‐B Out (DO‐260B Compliant)

ASC 109           Horizontal Stabilizer Interior Corrosion Inhibiting Compound (CIC)

ASC 112           Elevator Hardover Prevention System (Hops) – Improvement

ASC 116C        Nose Landing Gear (NLG) Harness – Installation

ASC 123C        Planeview Avionics Enhancement

ASC 137B         Horizontal Stabilizer Cove Panels Av-Dec Gasket Installation

ASC 139A         Fuselage Structure (ATA 53) Elevator Trim Servo – Bracket Installation

ASC 143           Horizontal Stabilizer Upper Access Panels Av-Dec Gasket

ASC 148           Communications Management Function (CMF) SATCOM Direct

ASC 912C         Planeview Master Operating System Software Update

Additional Features and Modifications

Satcom Direct Plane Simple Ku-Band High Speed Internet with Saint-Gobain Ku Radome, Satcom Direct Wi-Fi Hub, and Satcom Direct Router

Previously FAR Part 135 Operated

RVSM Capable

NAT MNPS Capable

RNP Capable

Enhanced Soundproofing Package

Miltope TP‐4840 Cockpit Thermal Printer

Landing Pulse Lights

Cockpit Sunvisor System

SecuraPlane Aircraft Security System

SecuraPlane External Camera System with Three (3) Color Cameras

LED Wing & Tail Navigation Lights

Upgraded 100 lb. Capacity Maintenance Storage Box

Six (6) New B/E Aerospace 28” 16G Single Seats Installed in 2013


Engines On Condition (Task Oriented) & Enrolled on Rolls-Royce CorporateCare

APU Enrolled on Honeywell MSP Gold

Enrolled on Honeywell MSP Avionics & MSP Mechanical Components (formerly HAPP)

Maintenance Records Tracked on Gulfstream CMP

On MSG-3 Maintenance Program

Weight & Balance

Aircraft Last Weighed August 10, 2023

Empty Weight:                                    47,603 Lbs.

Basic Operating Weight:                     49,232 Lbs.

Maximum Takeoff Gross Weight:         91,000 Lbs.

Maximum Landing Gross Weight:        75,300 Lbs.

Maximum Ramp Gross Weight            91,400 Lbs.

Maximum Zero Fuel Weight                54,500 Lbs.

Maximum Fuel                                   41,300 Lbs.


Majority of CMP Codes Completed and Next Due as follows:


INSPECTION                                        LAST COMPLETED                  NEXT DUE

12 Mos.                                                08/23 @ 5,239 Hrs.                   06/24

24 Mos.                                                08/23 @ 5,239 Hrs.                   06/25

36 Mos.                                                08/23 @ 5,239 Hrs.                   06/26

48 Mos.                                                08/23 @ 5,239 Hrs.                   06/27

72 Mos.                                                08/23 @ 5,239 Hrs.                   06/29

96 Mos.                                                06/19 @ 3,802 Hrs.                   06/27

144 Mos.                                              08/23 @ 5,239 Hrs.                   06/35

192 Mos.                                              N/A                                          06/27


Major Refurbishment August 2016 @ Gulfstream Appleton, WI

New Carpet March 2024 @ Gulfstream Westfield, MA

Fire blocked interior comfortably accommodates up to 18 passengers in four distinct seating sections divided by forward and aft cabin bulkheads with electrically operated pocket doors. A forward left‐hand lavatory and right‐hand galley are complimented by an aft lavatory, aft crew rest and baggage compartment.

The cabin consists of seven (7) single seats, two (2) double seats, one (1) mid‐cabin righthand 4‐place divan, and one (1) aft cabin left‐hand 3‐place divan. The single seats offer telescoping headrests, full reclining leg rests, berthing capability, recline, tracking, and varying degrees of swivel capability. The dining/conference group double seats feature telescoping headrests, limited tracking, recline, and limited swivel (inboard seats only). The double seating inboard and center armrests feature drop‐down capability. Both divans are manually berthable, and the cockpit features two adjustable pilot seats with armrests. A cockpit jump seat is located on the right‐hand forward vestibule bulkhead just behind the copilot’s seat.


New Strip & Paint August 2016 @ Gulfstream, Appleton, WI

New Strip & Paint (Radome, LH/RH Vertical Stab, Stripes, Registration Only) September 2023 @ Duncan, Lincoln, NE

Matterhorn White Fuselage with Pantone Blue & Pantone Red Stripes.


Aircraft is Hangared at Hanscom Field (BED), in Bedford, MA, USA.