The Cutting Edge

The Journey to 1,000 Aircraft Transactions

Like snowflakes and fingerprints, no two aircraft transactions are the same. Having completed 983 transactions since 1989, we sure have seen it all. The reasons we have become so close to this exciting milestone of 1000 transactions are our longevity in the industry and a long track record of performance.  Our company slogan says it all.

As we begin our countdown to 1,000 transactions completed, let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable in recent history.

Transaction #978 – Our best and most valuable assets are our repeat clients and their referrals. Earlier this year, we received just that – a referral from long time client. The introduction we received was a first time buyer who wanted to purchase an aircraft, and quick! He had some difficulties with his current charter solution, and wanted to explore whole aircraft ownership. We were able to identify the best aircraft type to suit their needs, a Falcon 7X listed by a fellow International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) member. Thanks to our up to date market intelligence, we found a 7X with excellent pedigree, submitted an offer within hours of it hitting the market, and closed the transaction in just over three months. This transaction would not have been possible without our happy clients referring us continuous business.

Transactions #938, #945, & #971 – Our next client was a long time aircraft owner that had operated his Challenger 604 for nearly twenty years. In 2022 he came to us looking to sell his aircraft, and move into something newer. His banker of many years referred him to us. We effectively helped him source a Challenger 650 and sold his 604 once his new aircraft was delivered.  This was a client who did not want to own zero aircraft but also did not want to own two aircraft.  So, it was important to minimize the overlap and sell the 604 as soon as the replacement was purchased.  In 2023, his travel requirements changed and he no longer needed to own an own aircraft, which worked to his advantage.  Because of the market conditions, he was able to receive top dollar for his Challenger 650. After the sale, we helped him move into a fractional share with immediate access. This was made possible due to our close working relationship with the fractional provider.  

Transactions #953 & #963 – One of the many advantages of working with a broker is the relationships we have with other reputable brokers and those within the industry. For this long time client, they were ready to upgrade their Gulfstream G450 and buy something newer.  We worked with Gulfstream to spec and order a new Gulfstream G600.  Our long standing relationship with the OEMs has made us an expert in negotiating, spec’ing and delivering value to our clients when ordering a new aircraft.  While spec’ing the new aircraft, we were able to sell their G450 to a top-tier aircraft operator before it hit the public market. Due to this fast sale, the client needed supplemental lift as their new aircraft was not set to deliver for several months. We were able to again use our close relationship with the fractional provider to move them into a fractional share with immediate access. 

Transaction #954 – In 2021, our client approached us to sell their Falcon 2000. This aircraft was unique because it had significant damage history.  The aircraft was in full airworthy condition and the client put their trust in LEAS to find the right buyer.  We don’t take selling aircraft lightly, there was a vast amount of research and due diligence needed on this listing to fully understand the damage history and aircraft itself.  This was not a problem for Team Leading Edge, as we have a full time Director of Technical Services on staff. This allows us to effectively look at each aircraft and ensures both seller and buyer know exactly what is required for the purchase and sale. 

Transactions #941 & #942 – When fleetwide software issues nearly grounded the Gulfstream G500 and G600 fleet in 2022, several clients called upon Leading Edge for guidance.  We continued to keep our clients up to date on evolving information as it was distributed by the FAA and Gulfstream.  One particular client could not lose the utility of their fleet due to the temporary restrictions that were put in place. They found themselves in a tough position as their business required a lot of travel.  We were able to help them acquire two late model pre-owned G650ER’s that were off market and were being listed by a fellow IADA member.  Our latest up to date market intelligence allowed us to provide them with the best possible solution during a difficult and unexpected situation. 

These are just five of the many scenarios aircraft owners might find themselves in, expectedly or unexpectedly. We are honored to represent our clients, and look forward to seeing where the next 983 transactions take us. In the meantime, please watch our social media as we start the countdown to 1,000!