1998 Gulfstream GV s/n 555
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Airworthiness Date:     September 1998

Entry into Service:       November 1999

Airframe:          4,381 Hours                              1,906 Landings


Rolls-Royce PLC BR700-710A1-10

Enrolled on JSSI

Left   S/N 11219:            4,381 Hours      1,906 Cycles

Right S/N 11250:            4,381 Hours     1,906 Cycles

Time to Mid-Life              3,622 Hours


Honeywell RE220 (GV)  S/N P-160  2,961 Hours

Enrolled on JSSI

Additional Features, Enhancements, & Upgrades

  • Gogo AVANCE L5
  • Swift Broadband Wi-Fi
  • Honeywell SD700 Satcom
  • Collins Venue CMS
  • Airshow 4000
  • Securaplane 550
  • LED Nav Lights
  • LED Cabin Lighting
  • Upper Logo lights
  • 4” Monitor embedded in Forward RH Crew Rest Area
  • 19” Monitor installed on Forward RH Bulkhead
  • 9” Pop-up Monitors housed in Forward aft-facing arm rests
  • 9” Pop-up Monitors housed in Mid Cabin arm rests
  • 17” Monitor embedded in Aft Cabin RH window line panel
  • Microwave Oven
  • Cold Air Chiller


  • Honeywell SPZ-8500 Avionics
  • Triple Honeywell FMS w/ 6.1 Upgrade
  • Triple Honeywell AZ-840
  • Triple Collins VHF-422C
  • Dual Collins VIR-432
  • Dual Collins ADF-462
  • Dual Collins DME-442
  • Dual Collins TDR-94D Mode “S”
  • Dual Honeywell GPS – SBAS/WAAS/LPV
  • Dual Honeywell RT-300
  • Dual Collins HF-9034A
  • Honeywell WU-880
  • Honeywell MKV – EGPWS
  • Artex 406-2 ELT
  • Honeywell TCAS II TPU-67B (7.1)
  • Honeywell DL950 data loader
  • Honeywell HG-200 Heads-Up Display
  • Honeywell LaserRef IV Triple IRS system
  • Gogo Satellite Interface Unit
  • FANS 1/A+, CPDLC

Major Aircraft Service Changes and Modifications Incorporate

  • ASC 013    RVSM
  • ASC 062    Wing/Tail Nav Lites
  • ASC 151A    Pack Inlet Valve Replacement
  • ASC 162A Navigation Position Lights – LED Navigation Light Installation
  • ASC 182A LED Tail Position Light Installation
  • ASC 188B TCAS 7.1 Installation (Part 2)
  • ASC 189AM2 Modification – Wing Rear Beam Flight Spoiler Actuator Attachment
  • ASC 192A Automatic Dependence Surveillance Broadcast Out (ADS-B Out)
  • ASC 198A APU Enclosure – Thermal Barrier Installation
  • ASC 200B Landing Gear Door Close – Restrictor
  • ASC 204 Aileron Cable Penetrations at FS 576.5 Floor Beam – Rework
  • ASC 206 Elevator Hardover Prevention System (HOPS) – Improvement
  • ASC 209A FMS 6.1 Software w/ SBAS/LPV GPS Install for Dual IAC/3rd Position NZ Config.
  • ASC 214 Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B Out v2) (DO-260B)

Maintenance & Weights

  • Engines & APU enrolled on JSSI
  • Delivered w/ Fresh Premium ARCS and 96-Month Inspection c/w June 2023 at Gulfstream Brunswick, GA



Gross Weight: 90,900 Lbs.

Empty Weight: 47,372 Lbs.

Basic Operating Weight: 48,631 Lbs.


Interior Refurbished February 2012 by Gulfstream Savannah, GA                  Interior Refurbished February 2012 by Gulfstream Savannah, GA

The cabin is configured for 14 passengers. Entering the aircraft is a right hand crew rest area followed by a coat closet, opposing a lavatory equipped with a fold-down sink aft of the main entry door. Moving into the main cabin is a four (4) place club arrangement followed by a right hand four (4) place divan opposing a two (2) place club seat arrangement. Continuing aft is a right hand credenza opposing a four (4) place conference group. Continuing aft through a curtain close-out is a right hand galley annex opposing the aft galley that features a coffee/espresso machine, microwave oven, cold air chiller and full length pantry. Further aft is a full service lavatory followed by the baggage compartment.

  • All cabin single seats are covered in camel colored leather
  • The divan is navy blue with a white dotted grid-line design
  • Carpet throughout the cabin is navy blue cut pile with a tan swirl pattern
  • Cabin Headliner is bone ultra leather
  • Lower sidewalls throughout the cabin are beige spotted ultra leather
  • Woodwork is light Birch with High Gloss Clear Finish
  • Hardware finishes throughout are Brushed Silver
  • Countertops in the galley/lavatories are beige Corian solid surface material


Fresh Strip & Paint February 2012 @ Gulfstream Savannah, GA

Matterhorn White base with Blue and Medium Gray accent striping.


Aircraft is located in Minneapolis (St. Paul), Minnesota, USA